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Shareable and secure access

A simple app that allows you to share locks that can open doors, garages, gates and much more that are connected to the Bluelock remote receiver.

Bluelock on Mobile Phone

Use cases

Use the Bluelock app to access doors, gates, garages and locks.

Bluelock Door

Access doors

Access doors connected to remote receiver

Bluelock Gate

Access gates

Access gates connected to remote receiver

Bluelock Garage

Access garages

Access garages connected to remote receiver


Access locks

Access locks connected to remote receiver

App functionality

Learn about Bluelock’s powerful functionality

Bluelock App
Bluelock User

Manage locks

Easily manage locks within the app from editing, role changing, deleting and sharing.

Bluelock Forward

Shared locks

The app gives you the ability to view and manage who has access to your locks.

Bluelock History

Lock history

View the time your locks have been accessed and who tried to access them and whether their access was accepted or denied.

Bluelock Lock

Your locks

Access all your locks in a single place

Remote receiver info

Bluelock remote receiver important specifications

Bluelock Device


Small device (50mm x 37mm x 18mm)


Light weight device (20 grams).


Low voltage input (12-24v D.C)


Latest Bluetooth technology 5.0

User limit

Unlimited numbers of users can be added

Relay switch

 350VAC 100 mA