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About Bluelock

This totally secure access control device with a professional app design and an easy to use interface, the Bluelock™ app is one of a kind and it is changing the way that South Africans keep themselves secure. Ideal for use at home or at work, this app gives you control over who will enter your property, home or business by giving you a unique key code that will keep you safe and protected as only you will be in control of who you give the access to. If you are looking to take your security to the next level then you should transform your mobile phone into a universal remote control with the Bluelock™ app.

The pillars of Bluelock.

User interface

At Bluelock we want to make the user experience as laid back as possible, that includes an easy to navigate UI.


One of the more important values to Bluelock is the performance of the app because that will define how reliable Bluelock is.


Security of course is most important to us, because there is nothing more important to us that protecting our customers from those that want to harm them.

Simple Design

A value we have been working on from day one, we are still working on making the app as appealing as possible on all smart phone platforms.