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How the coronavirus is changing technology

Coronavirus Molecule

In this world today we are living with this new virus the coronavirus, now as many have been aware of, this virus is transmitted through the air, and it can land on objects and then if people touch those objects and touch their face, they can get it.

Now without going into any further detail the world has changed the way we stay clean, with hand sanitised bottles found almost everywhere and masks having to be worn in public spaces. But far more has changed in the technology sector as well, malls have got touchless buttons in place to get your ticket, and many thermal sensors have had to be used to take down people’s temperatures.

But what is most exciting is what Google and Apple have done in this sector. Both companies within a few weeks of the pandemic have released updates to their operating systems, Android and IOS to allow for something called “Exposure notifications.” Now for those who are interested Exposure notifications is a very amazing piece of software that does the following in short. 

Every 5-10 minutes your cell phone will randomly generate a number, now this number is quite long and is calculated with lots of maths so that no other phone will generate the same number, and then with Bluetooth enabled on your cell phone, every single other phone it comes in contact with that has the app for that specific country (for instance South Africa has COVID Alert) the cell phone will share that random number with and it will also get that cell phones random number. 

After this has all taken place if any one of these users gets covid19 then go get tested and enter in the SMS number the government sent them into the app and then every code that the device generated gets flagged and uploaded to the server, the next morning all the devices will download all the “flagged” codes and then it will compare those codes to the ones it has got on record, and if one of them match it will alert you.

What is this all for?

Technology is getting smarter all by itself these days and the exposure notifications are just a small part of a much larger push towards the future. In another example you could say that many people have had to adopt a huge amount of technology during this season from zoom calls to skype all the way to shopping online, to try and reduce the amount of contact with other people.

Now there is a graph for this, this is called the innovation adoption curve, currently, covid19 has pushed this curve way up, it had to make people sitting in the Laggards percentile to adopt things like Zoom and Online shopping, which has been amazing for a business like Pick N Pay and zoom and Woolworths, but other businesses have also had to innovate, like restaurants that have not done deliveries have had to start. And coupons have become quite a big thing to try and help businesses stay afloat in this time as well.

But the main thing is the way technology has evolved with this pandemic taking place. And that has happened in big ways and small ways.

Technology is making us safer

With other technology products such as the Apple Watch, with its newest update, it comes with a feature to help people wash their hands. Now that sounds like quite a gimmick, and most people won’t use it, but it is quite a helpful feature for those people in a much larger risk category with Covid19

Now more than ever making sure we are hygienic is more important than ever and making sure what we touch is even cleaner. With that Bluelock can help, its feature of being able to share the keys to your house thought the click of a button allows for a huge amount of contactless exchange, and that is very helpful when it comes to making sure you are kept safe in more than just security but also your medical health.

Being able to open your front door or even your garage door and let the people you want to also do so without having to give and receive keys that could be infected is a big win for most people. With installing a Bluelock device not only will you have one less pair of keys or remote, but you will be able to share those keys with other people without having to give anything physically to anyone. Now with lockdown settling down it can be even more important to be on the lookout for potential threats to your health and Bluelock can make sure that you have one less thing to worry about.

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