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How we help Retail and Food Security under Covid19

Food security

There are 56 million inhabitants in South Africa and when under pressure from the stresses of an unknown and unseen enemy such as Covid 10 and the resultant shutting down of resources, fear and panic can easily escalate as witnessed by the first panic buying scenarios across the globe.

When retail shelves stand empty due to disabled infrastructure, disrupted produce supply chains and logistics, the challenge is greater.

While relief measures have sort to address the plight of the poor, South Africa could soon be facing a humanitarian emergency. Businesses and communities must respond on a multiple front in securing resources, property, people and assets sooner rather than later.

Retail and food supply facilities, along with every consumer as well must:

Step 1 – Assess your situation and available inventory and secure it

Step 2 – Confirm and secure your logistics capabilities and access points for receiving and delivery

Step 3 – Manage your cash in a new landscape and reinforce your networking capital.

Access & Theft

Theft within the retail sector remains damaging to the bottom line, more so during a pandemic. In simple terms, if you operate on a 10% margin of every sale you make, you would need to sell an extra R1000 worth of products to counter for the loss from a R100 theft.

Current scenarios will make criminals more desperate and inroads will be easier to steal or sell criminally obtained products on a burgeoning black market.

Already, both globally and locally, there are reported cases of re-packaging and food parcel items being stolen from philanthropic sources and resold for profit. It would appear criminals have no conscious.

Digital Transformation in the Security Industry

Thankfully due to cutting edge digital transformation strategy in the security industry there are a range of technologies you can access for current and future emergency preparation.

#1 Expect to see new types of surveillance in everyday situations such as remote temperature sensing

#2 Drone communication for social distancing and delivery of medicals supplies

#3 Data sharing for crowdsourcing and location tracking

Essential on the ground Solutions include:

Access Control according to disease prevention and health and safety regulations.

Camera and Video Analytics for theft prevention and tracking, heat mapping and facial recognition.

Warehousing protection and perimeter security.

Logistics loading and route controls.

Crowd control for civil unrest, crowd safety and social distancing measures.

Bluetooth Accessibility

With a range of armed response, guarding, tech and access control measures available to our clients, Premier Security’s Bluelock™ app allows users to easily access doors, garages, gates and other electric locks by using Bluetooth® to connect to the Bluelock™ receiver. This is done by using creating or adding tokens to your Bluelock™ app. You can issue, receive, create, manage and create temporary tokens on the go and in changing scenarios.

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