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IOT Hacking

What does IoT mean first of all and how does it get hacked? Well, IoT stands for Internet of Things, which incorporates devices which connect to the internet and each other to help simplify our lives and those around us. Such devices could be a light in your room which switches on when you come home. Or the fact that your cars seats start getting warm before you get into the car.

How can it get hacked?

Well, with all this new technology growth around us we must remember that with that growth if security isn’t keeping up with it, problems will start to arise when people try to do bad to others. So just with anything like that, IoT devices can get hacked and used against you, for instance, if you have a camera in your house which allows you to see what’s going on during your day at work, well, if someone hacks into it they can see what’s going on all the time.

So, how do people do this? Well, these devices need to connect to the outside world somehow so they can reach your phone during the day, so hackers can intercept these signals in various ways, and sometimes it’s on the side of the company you bought the product from, and example would be the servers of Hikvision getting hacked and footage from your house being on them, and sometimes it’s on your side, which would be the device having its local data stolen.

How to try and not get hacked

Make sure the company you are buying your devices from are actually good at making secure devices and they are reputable. Second, have strong passwords for those devices, most of them will come with a default password, change it!

Bluelocks are extremely hard to get broken into, as they have to report to an off-site server in order for the lock to open the get, this means, that even if someone tries to get in, they will have to break into the secure server first.