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Keeping your accounts safe

Accounts safe

2 Factor Authentication

In a world of passwords and usernames and big corporations leaks, it’s quite important to have your accounts secured and safe no matter what. So here are some quick password and account safety tips to do just that!

If its there, use it!

If whatever account you have supports 2FA then you should use it, as doing so will give you time to react if someone tries to get into your account, as then even if they guess your password they will still need your cellphone to be able to gain access to your account.

For instance, on your google account you can use a 2FA which means, if someone gets your password, they cant gain access to your account unless they get your phone from you. Doing this will allow you the time to change your password to that account and will reduce the damage they will be able to do.

Have strong passwords

When you first create an account for whatever service or product it is, make sure that the password you use is unique to some degree and that you will have some way of remembering it. You can remember it by writing it down, but that is a bit problematic as then it means that you must take that everywhere with you.

So choosing an online password manager, like google passwords, or the many others that are out there, is your best bet, there are some you have to pay for, but in the end, it is worth it. Some of the programs you buy can even give you secure passwords to use for each website, which can be very helpful if you cant come up with a strong password to use.