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Private Security’s First Line of Defence Provides Efficient Access for First Responders

Efficient access

High levels of crime are being experienced in South Africa and private security firms are ramping up their preparedness in responding rapidly and effectively to homes and business security breach alerts.

Most home and business owners understand the necessary precautionary measures required to protect their property but when a crime invasion takes place are often unprepared about what to do once they have hit the panic button.

Imagine trying to locate the gate remote on one’s house keys in order to let the first emergency respondents in, when you are feeling threatened, under attack or attempting to cope with a medical emergency. It’s the last thing a home or business owner should have to cope with in a panic situation.

For armed response and medical professionals who are prepared and trained in handling high crime situations and medical emergencies as they occur, often  gaining access to the property itself is the most challenging aspect of responding to an emergency situation.

“How will the armed response team get into your property should you have a home invasion?” asks Jamie Bell of Blue Lock. 

“Do they carry a remote with them at all times? Is there a key holder box on the property that they need to physically access? Is there a key safe where it is held at the security firms control room? Experience tells us that gate remotes get lost, key cards get stolen, key holders get damaged or physically broken off the wall.

Efficient Access for First Responders

“We specifically developed Blue Lock as a technology which supports private patrol services with the most effective private alarm response. Whether the property owner is on the premises or not, they are provided with seamless and panic free access support where first responders can quickly gain entry into the premises themselves and take down the criminals in place; or alternatively apply medical support where needed. 

“We were witnessing regular crime scenarios where private security companies were responding reactively to crimes occurring at business and home premises. With BlueLock response times and crime prevention can take place in present time and as the security officers  arrive on the scene.”

Bluetooth Interface for Secure Communication

BlueLock eliminates the need for a security protection officer to carry a remote control or to have to access a key lockbox on the premises. Instead, once the alarm activation alerts at the security firm’s control room, a pin code is dispatched to the smart phone of the security vehicle’s personnel responding to the alarm. 

The pin code is immediately available to the security officer on hand, enabling him to gain access to the premises via a door, gate or garage. The pin is only valid for one-time use, and the pin disables after 30 minutes.

The BlueLock app is an interface which communicates with the security officers smart phone and which responds to a Bluetooth device inserted inside the clients’ gate motor. The responding security office gains access to the property by entering the pin code on his phone. If the pin code is not utilised within 10 minutes of it being dispatched by the control room, it deletes itself. The patrol office and the control room remain in direct communication at all times.

The BlueLock receiver can be installed in a gate remote, house or office premises and is controlled with the touch of a button from a smart phone.

Quick Response Features Add Value to Assets

Properties with top-end security features or those located in security estates are taking advantage of this seamless approach to enabling armed security personnel gain access to the scene in the quickest time possible.

“It can mean the difference between saving lives or not,” says Bell. “Premier Security offers this service to all its consumer and security business clients throughout South Africa. The Bluelock App also allows you to issue, receive, create, and manage temporary tokens for family, friend and visitor access during holidays or when housesitting.”   

BlueLock can also be applied via private use where a client owns their own version of the BlueLock app technology. Here, a home or business owner can authorise the entrance pin code to the security response company which they incorporate into their dispatcher communications.

Security has become a major determining factor in where people choose to purchase their homes, and properties with top-end security features or those located in security estates are highly sought-after and often fetch a higher price than other types of properties, according to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, who adds, that home owners should avoid leaving keys in their usual places. “Criminals are known for taking vehicles along with the household contents, so ensure your vehicle keys or spare keys are hidden.” 

BlueLock ensures all keys, tags and remotes can be saved in one secure place. No longer will security officers and first responders have to jump over walls or wasting valuable time trying to access the property where a crime is taking place. 

For a relatively inexpensive and simple solution, armed response times are shaved of any unnecessary response delays when using the effective and safe sharing protocols of the BlueLock access protection security app.

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