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Securing High sites

High sites

Bluelock secures 300 MTN Sites

703 batteries were stolen from MTN high sites in January 2020. These numbers are continuing to rise and as they do MTN is taking action. In over 300 high sites Bluelocks have been installed to help curb this crime. Only MTN technicians are permitted access into these high sites when MTN chooses by using a specially adapted BLUELOCK API

The problem of keys  and remotes being copied and given away is a thing of the past on these MTN high sites. 

Vodacom is also trialling  Bluelocks on their high sites to make sure that they are properly secured and no harm will come to them.

Some info

Bluelocks can have set access times and days in the week where certain people can access them and certain people can’t. You can set up a schedule for each person, and issue and delete tokens for Bluelocks with the click of a button and it’s that simple.

You can even set these up for your own home if you have any electric gates or doors with magnetic locks, you can have the bluelock open it.

Bed and Breakfast rentals are ideally suited to Bluelock. Landlords simply sent tokens to guests, valid for the period of occupation.

What can you do?

Do you have a similar situation, where you need a site or sites secured, but you don’t want keys to be handed out as they can be copied and given away. If you know others as well that need a site or sites secured and you need a radical new way of keeping keys and locks, then Bluelock can be the solution for you. Visit our website today and get yours.