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Why your smart phone is your access key to a more secure and streamlined lifestyle

The Egyptians came up with the first wooden lock and key system around 6000 years ago, followed by the Romans who produced the first metal locking systems; but fast-forward to today’s Internet of Things (IoT) and you will discover how digital intelligence gives us the ability to transform physical objects, such as your smart phone, into a continuously connected device to control physical access and communicate digital information remotely and securely.

Why is this important? If you have ever lost that ‘one’ key or had to search frantically for a missing remote so you could get out your own gate, then you will realise how compromising and inflexible key or card access can be.

Instead of a bunch of keys, mobile access control uses your smart phone’s Bluetooth technology, together with the management capabilities of the Blue Lock app to remotely connect to the Blue Lock receiver secured within your home or office environment.

How does it work? Access control traditionally authenticates a person wanting access through three variables.

  • It recognises something the person has such as a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, card or a key
  • It recognises something the person knows such as a personal PIN
  • It recognises something that the person is, as in biometrics

Smartphones have all three authentication factors built in and protected by the smartphone’s own security parameters, with biometrics and personal identification numbers (PINs) to provide multi-factor verification.

What must I do? Download the Bluelock app to your smart phone and connect with the Blue Lock receiver, and you have a personalised, built in security access solution that puts the power in your hands – quite literally – because if we are honest, our mobile phones have become the extension of our arms.

It’s here that you will store all your keys, remotes and tags in one place and, through mobile key generated encryption on your smart phone, you can quickly and easily access doors, garage doors, gates and other electric locks at the touch of a button;  including your lighting and irrigation systems, all within a 25 metre radius.

The Bluelock app works as your personal management system on your mobile phone. You can decide on and regulate who can gain access to your business premises or home by easily issuing, receiving, sharing, and creating temporary access tokens with an unlimited number of users who are simply added to your Blue Lock app.  

Business owners have the advantage of being able to give staffmultiple access for different locations on the premises. Every time a staff member uses the access system, they leave a record of their movement. This allows you to track any criminal activities as well as create accurate timesheets for employees.

Using fast and stable frequencies within the latest Bluetooth technology, your personal security access system is fully encrypted and cannot be duplicated, giving  you the advantage of a universal remote within the Blue Lock app, so you never have to worry about using different remotes or remembering a list of pins ever again.

Manage your security with confidence when you update your business or home security systems to suit your modern lifestyle. Ready to invest in the simple BlueLock system? Click here