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The Benefits of an Access Control System

Access control system

BlueLock is the ultimate access control system for any home or business. If you don’t have an access control system as a part of your security set up, you are missing out. But it’s never too late to give your security systems a massive update by investing in BlueLock.

BlueLock is an advanced app designed to completely simplify the access control system. The technology relies on an app along with a few devices that can be set up to control entrances including garage doors, doors for the office and the home, lighting, and irrigation systems. Instead of relying on the conventional way of controlling your system, BlueLock completely eliminates the need to have remote controls, keys or keypad pin codes.

What is Access Control?

In a nutshell, access control is a security technique that allows a person to take control over and regulate who can gain access to, view and/or use certain things. The access control systems we’re focused on are designed to control access to gates and doors.

The Benefits of Access Control

When you are looking to improve your home or business security, this is one of the best systems you could install. It puts the power back into your hands and allows you to feel more confident about your security. These are just some of the benefits that you can look forward to when you have the right system installed.

  1. It cannot be duplicated

A system like BlueLock is fully encrypted which means that the access codes cannot be duplicated or copied in any way. Your details will never end up in the wrong hands. BlueLock has the added advantage that as a universal remote in an app, you never again have to carry different remotes or have a list of pins.

  1. Access for different locations

Instead of having your staff carry around a bunch of eyes for each room or gate for which they have been given access, your app will give your staff multiple access for different locations.

  1. You have a record

Every time someone uses the access system, they leave a record of their movements. This can become vital information for two reasons. Firstly, should something criminal happen, you will know who was in the area, and secondly, this record can help with creating accurate timesheets for employees.

  1. It protects your valuables

The most important benefit of the access control system is that it is going to offer you more protection than just about any other security system on the market.

  1. The system is flexible

BlueLock is flexible and is able to control more than just access to the doors. With this system, you can control your irrigation, your lighting and your garage doors.

BlueLock is the ultimate solution for your security needs. Contact us today to find out more about this unique system.