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Top Tips for Home Office Security during Coronavirus Lockdown

Home Office security

Its 2020 and with as much as 82% of global workers barred from attending their jobs at their place of business due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdown rulings; those of you who can work from home are suddenly finding yourselves Chief Security Office at the new Head office, namely your own personal home office.

What does this mean? It means you will need to focus on putting extra physical security measures in place in your home office so you can keep you and your family safe and secure during lockdown without disruptions until you can return to normal working schedules with your co-workers and teams.   

Safeguard yourself with these essential home office tips:

#1 Lock your doors! It may sound obvious but far too many people think that because they are home, they don’t need to lock entrances and gates. Thieves are opportunists and capable of entering your home from the rear while you are occupied with something at the front of the home or in the garage. They also know to look for spare keys hidden around your door for easy access.

With today’s modern technological advances keys are likely to become obsolete in the future, which is especially relevant and convenient if you have many family members or multiple residences on your home property. This is due to secure Bluetooth access control, such as the Bluelock™ app allows users to easily access doors, garages doors, gates and other electric locks through Bluetooth connectivity to the Bluelock™ receiver. The app stores all your keys, remotes and tags in one simple place, and you are able to unlock doors and gates at the press of a button and give easy and safe access to others.

#2 Connect to police, fire and medical services 24/7. One of the best precautionary measures you can take to secure your property is through 24-hour monitoring service with back up response team facilities. Security video visuals are one of the best means of identifying threats. Not only preventative, it prepares you for the type of threat taking place and protects you from liability. From video doorbell cameras to full internal and external surveillance at your home; monitored surveillance needs to be fitted correctly, linked to a backup response team on a durable system which is switched on, monitored and working.

Just like you ensure your gun is secured in a gun safe, we suggest you also invest in a fire proof safe to secure your computer back up hard drives, valuables, and receipts and serial numbers of expensive purchases for insurance claims in the event something is stolen or damaged.

#3 Plan to burglarise yourself. Step outside your home and do an inventory. Are all perimeter and outdoor lights working? Do your garden shrubs and trees need to be trimmed back so thieves can hide? Are your windows and sliding doors latched instead of fitted with locks? Are window frames rotting and do your need security bars? Are your door and garage locks solid metal magnetic locks with protected hinges and strike plates? Is there a gap between your door and the frame which allows it to be jimmied open? If you experience power outages in your area, will your electronic gates cease to function?

#4 Protection from the inside out. The most common times for break-ins occur between 10am and 3pm and intruders can be so silent even dogs won’t necessarily wake up. Motion detectors and garden beams will warn you of intrusions and allow enough response time before they can enter your home.

An internal alarm system allows you to arm and disarm certain parts of your house at the same time using a keypad. You can alarm the downstairs area of your house while keeping the upstairs disarmed while you work. Security cameras give you the ability to check on areas of your home throughout the day so you can keep an eye on the kids playing in the garden or follow up on suspicious noises at night.

Our customers trust Premier Security to be there for them. So should you. Learn more about the  Bluelock App security system or ask for a comprehensive home office security consultation with one of our experienced managers.